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Western Endeavour has a number of projects at this time. The first is a long term committment to provide infrastructure and resources for a Cambodian Village. We have identified the village of Por near Phnom Penh that is in desperate need of resources for health, education, literacy, public works...the list goes on. We intend to form a relationship with the Por community and work over the next 3-5 years on providing discrete, achievable and practical help in building up the village infrastructure.

Part of this is the strong desire to get to know the people personally, and perhaps organise Club visits to the community to participate directly in the projects.

So far the Club has sent four members on a discovery mission to the village to identify areas of activity.

The resulting report is available as a PDF document by clicking here. (Note: the file is just over 10Mb in size). For more information on the Cambodian Village contact our Project Co-ordinator, Peter Smith .

In 2006 we sponsored the construction of a number of rabbit wells for the supply of drinking water in the village.

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