Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 836 Issue Date: 9 Dec, 2018

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Headline- End of the War

The End of the Great War: Some Reflections by Dr Mark Fielding

In the run up to the Centenary of the Great War, we were again privileged to have Dr Mark Fielding present to us on a military history topic, this time, “The End of the Great War: Some Reflections”.  Mark’s enthusiasm, knowledge and insight inevitably make his talks fascinating.

Mark postulated that the Armistice that ended the Great War was largely as a result of the deprivations suffered by the populations of Germany & its allies, and civil unrest that followed.

He then focussed on seven significant consequences of the end of the Great War:

  • The toll of the Great War- some 10 million military personnel, and 5-9 million civilians
  • A turning point in history- the “beginning” of the 21st century
  • The Russian Revolution and the advent of Communism
  • The War did not end in 1918: Continuity with the Second World War as a result of the harsh Treaty of Versailles; the ‘German problem’: national pride and war guilt; and the rise of Nazism.
  • The advent of propaganda: the manipulation of public opinion.
  • The emergence of a new world order- the League of Nations
  • The impact on an emerging Australian nationhood – Anzac Legend- the development of a unique Australian identity and commemoration.
  • Mark had some brilliant slides, that I have now placed in the Newsletter for those interested in a closer look, particularly at the propaganda posters.

    Author: Tony Parker

    Published: 3 November, 2018


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