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(Outbounds) Perth Exchange Students

Some words from Georgia Beardman currently in Germany.

I am on exchange in a small country town named Großefehn, in Germanys north west. I have been here 6 weeks now (1/3/06) and it has been fantastic! The weather is freezing!

School here is much more difficult than school in Australia, mainly because of the subject load. I must do 13 subjects a week including: Maths, physics, biol, chem, german, spanish, english and much more!

The language barrier has provided some interesting experiences, mainly people laughing, at my expense, but that's all part of the fun! The people in Germany are fantastic and have been very kind to me. This has definitely made settling in a lot easier.

I am looking forward to learning the language properly and seeing more of this great country...not to mention the rest of Europe also!

Thanks to Western Endeavour for providing this opportuntiy!


Her Home in Germany


Last year we sponsored Rory O'Connor who returned from his exchange in Brazil in January 2006.

Wrestling snakes on the Amazon!!!



(Inbounds) Overseas Exchange Students

Clarissa Clements is our exchange student from South Africa and also our very valuable bulletin editor. She headed back home in January 2006


Our exchange student Manibu from Japan in 2004 who experienced more of this state than most of us locals...


And firstly there was Tatiana from Brazil in 2003... She became our club surfer...

She acted as Portugese translator in our meetings when we sponsored an East Timorese child for surgery.


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